It’s International Women’s Day 2021!

The theme this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’ – a challenged world is an alert world.
And what exactly are we challenging?

Well for me, I have spent most of my life challenging the patriarchy, now don’t mistake that for meaning I dislike the male of the species (quite the opposite in fact!) What it does mean is that I have (and continue to do so) challenge a system of society (or government) in which men hold all the power, where the eldest male (or the father) is the ‘head’ of the family unit, a society which expects women to be subordinate.

Now for anyone who knows me – subordinate is not it my vocabulary.
From being a young female Cricket player in a school where no female team existed, to working in male dominated industries – and unfortunately, having to work twice as hard as some of my colleagues to be recognised. I have always stood for feminism, and equality.

Be careful of misinterpretation.

As a feminist, I have had to deal with the inevitable eye rolls that come along with using that dreaded ‘F’ word. And I have had to explain on countless occasions that Feminism is not a dirty word. It is, and always has been, equality of the sexes.

I spent many of my years campaigning for Men’s Mental Health, Getting Men to speak up when they are in abusive relationships, and letting men know that its okay not to be okay!

Feminism is representation for all of us. It is breaking archaic detrimental gender roles. It is removing ridiculous societal pressures and objectification that the media, society, and the government have forced upon us.

This International Women’s Day theme is an issue close to my heart. As a female, and as a POC I have always lived my life by one motto which I would like to share with you:

Whilst it is imperative that you are proud of where you come from, your heritage, your traditions and culture; you should NEVER accept the unacceptable.

I think we should always challenge things that make us uncomfortable, that we don’t understand, that we want to change!

Sisters & Brothers.

I hope this International Women’s Day (regardless of your gender) you can take a moment to recognise the fight we have all been through and appreciate those women that are out there smashing it, breaking records, and removing boundaries put in place by outdated, unfair traditions.

I have always faced the same criticism in my life, from colleagues, friends, family members. I have always been told that ‘one person can’t change the world’ and my response has always been the same 2 words: ‘Watch me!’

So, get on your pedestal sisters AND brothers. And shout! Shout for Freedom, Shout for Equality, Shout for your fundamental human rights. And CHANGE THE WORLD!