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Although students sometimes have a hard time about being lazy and not very busy, they are still a discerning bunch.

Therefore, a property which takes into account their needs and outlook will be let go quickly.

Equally, higher rents can be applied to those properties which tick all the boxes and look stunning.

Here are our 5 tips to give your property the student wow factor.


1. Sociable Space

In shared accommodation, a property with warm, welcoming and open spaces will without doubt, attract students.

Consequently, if you choose larger, comfortable sofas and stylish lighting for any shared areas, you’ll be on to a winner.

With quite a bit of down time on their hands, most students will love to see comfortable yet modern and stylish furnishings in their communal relaxation space.


2. Decoration

To create the right vibe for accommodation that is relaxed yet spacious and suitable for working in, you need clean lines and calming neutral colours.

As such, anything that engenders a feeling of space will appeal greatly to students.

Moreover, young people will also want to put their own temporary stamp on their rooms so a neutral yet warming base is a great way to go.


3. Technology

Students will respond very well to anything technological.

As such, adding finishing touches such as built-in charging points on electrical sockets will strongly appeal to students.

Whilst you won’t want to put in state-of-the-art expensive technology for fear of damage and breakages, adding a little technology will give your property an edge. For instance, incorporating an AI virtual assistant such as Alexa will attract students for sure.

Similarly, including a TV licence or high-speed Wifi system will ensure your property is top of the list.


4. Convenience

Anything you can include in your property to make life easier and more convenient will certainly attract student tenants.

For example, appliances such as a microwave, large fridge, tumble dryer and dishwasher will make your property a very attractive proposition.

Equally, even an ice dispenser built into the fridge will make your property stunning in the eyes of a student!


5. Easy to Clean

Whilst students will be attracted to stylish furnishings, ensuring that the bathroom and kitchen areas are simply designed will be most desirable.

As such, simple, basic designs in these areas will mean it’s easier to keep clean.

Furthermore, using pale colours as the basis for fixtures and fittings with simple wooden flooring will give the attractive light and airy feel that young adults love.


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