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So, those of us who, once upon a time, experienced University life would pretty much agree, it’s probably the best time of your life.

For example, living independently from your parents for the first time is a pretty cool experience.

Equally, experimenting with your looks, behaviour and friendships is all part of that experience.

Whilst you evidently have to put the work in for your degree, it’s a time for full on freedom!

However, is that still the case for students of 2020 and beyond?

Has the coronavirus taken all the fun out of it?


Pros And Cons Of Student Life During The Pandemic

As with all things in life, there are pros and cons.

It may be disappointing for students living in a city, maybe for the first time, not to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Similarly, being forbidden to go clubbing and drinking after 10pm in the pub may not seem a barrel of laughs.

However, maybe there are opportunities for students in COVID times that haven’t been fully available before. For instance, do students generally migrate to bars and pubs because it’s expected?

As such, it’s just possible that the restrictions imposed around late night drinking might actually be beneficial.


Potential For Change

So, apart from socialising in pubs and clubs, the limitations on students are not all doom and gloom.

Granted, in full lockdown, the closure of shops, gyms, sports centres, libraries is no fun at all.

However, outside of lockdown, all of these opportunities are available to all students.

Whilst social distancing is a must, city living brings huge opportunity.

Music, theatre and cultural events are still being held, albeit in different ways from usual.

Equally, students have the potential to get involved in all sorts of clubs and societies within their University. 



With student discounts readily available, students can diversify from their stereotypical behaviour and enjoy the sights and sounds of their new home more.

Furthermore, a new way of living alongside their peers is a great new experience for many.

Consequently, fully embracing an independent life alongside friends brings its own rewards.

Generally, spending a lot of time with house/flat mates is a definite result of the 2020 pandemic. Therefore, it can bring its challenges for sure. For example, no one expected to have such a responsibility to those sharing their living space.

Before COVID, no one had to stay in isolation for two weeks because another had a virus.

Moreover, having input into who your housemate brings to the house and/or where they stay overnight is unprecedented! However, character-building and bonding and setting up lifelong friendships is a pretty good result.


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