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Catering to Leicester Universities

Live Students offers accommodation for both the Universities in the vibrant city of Leicester. The University of Leicester is located by Victoria Park where we provide housing in Clarendon Park, Knighton Fields, Highfields and of course the popular New Walk area. 

A Social Hub for Students

Each of these locations offers something a little different for students with Queens Road being one of the social hubs full of bars, food joints and a place to chill. 

De Montfort University is bang in the City Centre and has all the great city of Leicester has to offer including shopping at the Highcross Shopping Centre, food and drinks in the popular St Martins Square and so many burger joints!

For housing the West End and the City offer hundreds of homes from trendy studios to bigger shared houses.

Our Personal Touch

We work with a variety of landlords from single property investors to corporate institutions with PBSA. Each property and client is unique and comes from a different background with different expectations and requirements.

We are well established to be able to provide an exemplary service with bespoke needs tailored to individual circumstances. 

Living in Leicester

Budgeting and Planning

When looking for your next home make sure you feel comfortable. We always advice to make sure that you are financially and have budgeted for your accommodation (but don’t forget you have to eat and have fun) so make sure not to stretch yourself too far as you don’t want to fall into debt as this can effect your mental health and your studies (which is why you’re after all!)

If you’ve decided on a budget that suits your needs it’s time to start looking for location. Make sure you feel happy with the walk to the University because you’ll be doing it for a whole year! 

Finding your New Home

Next up is size… are you looking for a studio, where you have your own space, kitchen and don’t need to worry about “who hasn’t done the dishes” or do you want something more social where you can chill with your housemates? If so we’ve got you covered from everything from studios to 10+ bedroom houses. 

Check if bills are included or not… going from halls of residence to a house normally means bills are not included (but check as each property is different) as you’ll want to make sure you’ve budgeted for those colder winters when the bills might be a bit higher!

Once you’ve found the perfect house then make sure you let us know asap! We work on a first come, first served basis and can only reserve the house for you once you’ve paid your holding deposit which can be paid through our website. Fill out our online forms and you’re there! We’ll make sure to get your contracts out to you as soon as possible and provide you with all the help and assistance you need. 

Latest Student Houses to Rent

Private Halls

To find out more about the individual Private Halls, please click on the images below:

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Latest Private Halls to Rent

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